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Write On , Rub Off Board

rub off board This fun write on, wipe off board is perfect for keeping track of chores, remembering school projects, marking down milestones, and setting goals! Perfect for the kids.

You will need

-- Wipe off poster board (Comes as a poster board
and 3-8"x 11" for .99 cents)
-- Fun foam (Your choice of color for board & Red for lady;
black scrap for dots.)
-- Shirt board
-- Pipe cleaner (black)
-- Any kind of string
-- Black magic marker
-- Paper punch
-- Any dry erase marker (note: do not leave marker writing on
board, erase as you go or it will become permanent on board)

If you make this project we'd love to see it! Just send your photos and comments to the editor and it may get published on our Facebook fan page!

What you do

We used a cardboard from a man's shirt, but you can use cardboard and cut it to the same size of a sheet of fun foam.

Cut the wipe off poster board the same as fun foam but if you buy the 3 for .99 cents, you will not have to cut it.

Trace a square on the center of the fun foam and cut out with the tip of the sissors, this way you will not waste the center and beable to use it for another project. You may need an adult to do this step for you. Now glue the wipe-off board to the funfoam and the shirt board to the back of the wipe-off board. Now punch a hole in the top corner of your new wipe-off board and attach a string and at the end of the string, glue around the marker.

For the lady bug just trace a drinking glass onto red fun foam and cut out. Make 2. With the permanent marker draw a line down the center of your circle and color the top of the circle, as shown in the picture.

Glue on a black pipe cleaner about an inch long, 2 on each lady bug, on the back of the lady bug.

With scrap black fun foam, punch out 8 dots for each lady bug and glue 3 on each half of lady bug and 2 on the antennas.

Glue onto corners of your wipe off board, and enjoy ! You can use any design on the corners if you don't like lady bugs.

About the Author
Twila Lenoir is a single mother of three. She's been crafting as a passion for 38 years. "I have always been on a budget, so all the gifts that I have made have been very frugal. I enjoy crafts so much that sometimes I can't even sleep at night thinking of new things!" You can visit Twila's homepage here

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