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  Coffee Filter Sunflowers - pg. 2
by Melissa Yamello

NOTE: If you missed the first page of this craft, use the "first page" button at the bottom of the instructions or click here to start from the beginning.

Now that your supplies are at the ready and your work surface has been prepared, let's begin!

What You Do

Step 1

Lay 4 coffee filters on a flat surface and color the sides of each one yellow (leaving centers white).

Step 2

Layer your yellow filters one on top of the other, fold in half and in half again. Use a crayon to draw the shape for the petals, as shown. Cut along this line - save your scraps!

Color the circle in the center of the remaining coffee filter brown and cut out. Set the brown circle aside, and discard the excess that you've cut off.

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Open your filters and layer one on top of the other, turning each flower slightly. This creates a layered petal look. You don't want each petal to line up perfectly with the one underneath.

Step 3

Using your glue stick, apply glue to the center of each layer and glue one on top of the other.

Turn the brown circle over, and apply glue to the back. Scrunch up some of the scraps you have and stick them to center of the circle. These scraps will be the 'stuffing' for the center of your flower, and will make it appear 3D. Leave a small margin so that the glue will stick to the flower.

Apply glue to the center of your flower. Turn the brown circle over and glue into the center of your flower, pressing the edges down. If there is any white showing from the center, just touch up with your yellow crayon.


Hang them on your walls (with a product like Fun Tac or Blue Stik) windows (they're pretty with the sun shining through) or glue a magnet to the back and stick it on your fridge. Stick them to gift wrap to make a present look extra special!

Return to the first page to see the completed craft.

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About the Author:
Melissa Yamello is the founder of Storybook Studio, a company whose mission is to provide quality art and craft products for children. She resides in New Jersey with her husband and two children. Magazine on Facebook

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