STOP! Don’t Buy That Bunny!

February 12th, 2013 posted by Bruce Atchison

girls and bunnies

It’s a common scene each Easter. Parents take their kids to look at the bunnies in the pet shop and end up buying one on a whim. Then the problems start. The poor animal ends up being caged all day long and fed a poor diet of harmful foods, he or she won’t play with the children like a dog will, being naturally timid, and the novelty wears off. Rabbits are especially afraid of being picked up and have unintentionally hurt themselves and small children. When the bunny reaches sexual maturity, he or she will become aggressive, leave droppings all over the place, and may do embarrassing things to shoes or stuffed toys. Male rabbits even spray their owners with urine. Many people end up dumping the poor animal in a park, where predators and illness lurk, or at an animal shelter where he/she will most likely be euthanized due to the overflow of other unwanted pets. // If you are ever in the mood to have a pet rabbit, tick where your answer is yes to these questions and see if a bunny will be a welcome family member or just another irksome chore. __ Are you and your family willing to spend a few hours per day quietly on the floor, gaining your rabbit’s confidence? __ Can you convince your children that the bunny is a fragile living creature with feelings and emotions just like they have? __ Will you set aside time to find out what your new pet requires for food, shelter, and medical care? __ Can you provide your rabbit with a quiet and cool, but not damp, place to escape from too much attention? __ Are you willing to find a rabbit savvy veterinarian for your new furry friend? __ Will you be willing to provide cardboard boxes and other chewable toys for your bunny’s entertainment? __ Are you willing to “bunny proof” your home by covering up electrical wires and phone cords, putting up chew proof baby gates in doorways, and otherwise preventing your fur-clad companion from gnawing on things like furniture? __ Are you, or your spouse and children, allergic to hay or pet fur? __ Will you be willing to spend the money when your rabbit requires neutering/spaying surgery as well as any shots and other vet costs? If you ticked yes to all these questions, you are a prime candidate for a house rabbit. You’ll find that your new companion is an affectionate, clean, humorous, and delightful pet. When you give your bunny loving respect for his/her particular needs, you’ll have a loyal heartwarming furry friend for 10 years or longer. Far from being an unresponsive lump of fur just sitting in a hutch, your house rabbit can develop a remarkable personality which will amaze and enchant both you and your family. Your kids may also learn to be gentle with, and caring about, other animals and perhaps even each other.

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