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February 12th, 2013 posted by Family Corner Staff

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Babequed ribs Before you even begin, think safety first. Successful grilling comes from care and planning, not seeing how high you can make the flames go!

LightingThe Fire

Be sure youhave adequate ventilation wherever you aregrilling toremove deadly carbon monoxide that is formed by the fire. nevergrillcloseto the house, a camper, under apatio or other structure. Place the grillaway fromdry or dead grass,bushes andthe house. If youline yourgrill withheavy duty foil it willreflect the heat, thus speeding up cooking time and makes clean up easy. If the bottom of the grill has vents, be sure to puncture the foil so air can move through. Form briquettes into apyramid. Use ONLY charcoal lighter fluid to start the fire, NEVER, NEVER use gasoline, alcohol or other highly volatile fluids. Allow the briquettes to burn until they are covered with alayer of gray ash in daylight or are glowing red at night. This takes approxiamately 20 to 40 minutes. If you are cooking fatty meats such as hamburger, user fewer coals to keep the fire cool and reduce flare ups. use more briquettes when grilling leaner cuts ofmeat.

Barbequing Tips

Before putting food on the racks, spread the coalsinto a single layer. To test the temperature of the coals, hold your hand, palm down, at cooking height. if you can hold it there only 2 – 3seconds, temperature ishot, above 375 degrees; for 4 seconds it’s medium, above 300; for 5 – 6 seconds it’s low, above 200. To change thetemperature when needed, raise the cooking rack and/or spread out the coals to lower the heat. To raise the heat, push the coals closer together. To keep flare ups to a minimum when cooking fatty meats, try tipping the rack slightly so that the wires and drips off at the cool end of the grill. To put out flare ups caused by dripping, raise the rack and spread out the coals. Or remove the food and douse the flames with water in a plastic pump-spray bottle. For some awesome ideas, tips, and recipes for this summer’s picnics and barbecues, visit our sister site, Fabulous Foods

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Appetizers & Beverages | Vegetable Dips | Sides & Salads | Meats | Desserts | Grilling Tips & Techniques

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