Your Recovery Kit for Holiday Eating

February 12th, 2013 posted by Allan Boshell

by Allan Boshell

If you are like me and most other Americans this time of year is both exhilarating and a little anxiety producing. After all, you go all year watching what you eat, being conscientious and then…


Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around and 11 months of healthy habits come dangerously close to – well, flying out the window. That is often followed by the New Years Resolution to get back to where you were. Have fear and be anxious no more! // Below are ten great ways to face the eating season and still enjoy it. It’s really about negotiating a win/win deal with yourself about what you’re going to do and how you’re going to feel about it before the time is upon you. Are you ready to enjoy the season?

Before and during the month of December:


Keep your inner vision in focus as to who you are and why you stay in shape or at least try to most of the time.


Eat what appeals to you and forget about it. Just watch quantity and have no guilt. You know who you are so don’t let the holidays intimidate you.


Continue to exercise during November and December. Even if you gain a pound, keep your work out rhythm going.


Monitor (don’t eliminate, have some fun) alcohol intake but do stay away from specialty drinks like eggnog. Those are packed with fat making ingredients.

After January 1st:


Do not get on a scale for two full weeks after New Years! Don’t do it. Agree to this with yourself right now.


Go back to your “normal” eating patterns after New Years but adjust starchy carb intake to only oats, lentils, beans and fresh fruit for two or more weeks. That means no bread, pasta, rice, etc.


No soft drinks after New Year.


Adjust cardio workouts by adding a day or adding time for the first two weeks. Then go back to your usual cardio routine. Don’t over exercise and get injured.


Super set your weight training days for intensity and extra calorie and fat burn. Refuel 45 – 60 minutes after the workout with no more than 200 calories of a protein and carb combination. A prepared commercial drink or oatmeal and a protein shake are good. Just manage portion control. These add up fast.


Take time each day to re-affirm your inner vision of who you are and what your body means. You are not bad, fat, ugly or a failure just because you gained a little here and there over the holidays. You just decided to indulge in a short detour and now you are back on the road. No worries. Once we get our thoughts and emotions under control and decide ahead of time what our ground rules are for ourselves, staying on a healthy eating regimen or exercise routine is easier. Even during the holidays. The less you stress out over this and just move on through it the better off you will be. If eating sensibly and exercising are already a part of your life, this is a no brainer. If it isn’t part of your lifestyle then check out some resources and get some help.

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