Styrofoam Cup Bunny

February 12th, 2013 posted by Amanda Formaro

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Easter is coming and so is the Easter Bunny! Here’s a fun way to welcome spring and Peter Cottontail this Easter season. Simple instructions and common materials make this a great craft for even the little ones.

You will need

2 white styrofoam cups

white and pink paper or construction paper

3 cotton balls or white pom poms

1 small pink or black pom pom

2 small light blue pom poms

2 large wiggle eyes

1 black chenille stick


white craft glue or hot glue gun

If you make this project

we’d love to see it! Just send your photos and comments to the editor and it may get published on our Facebook fan page !

What you do

// Note: Before starting, to add some weight to this craft, you can fill one of the styrofoam cups halfway with sand or add a handful of pennies. This step is not a necessary one, it is optional. Glue the tops of the 2 styrofoam cups together. You can use white craft glue for this step, but if you do you will need sufficient drying time. Otherwise, for quick assembly, use hot glue. From white paper, cut out a heart shape, about 4″ x 4″. From pink paper, cut out heart shape, a little smaller than the white, about 3.5″ x 3.5″. Glue the pink heart on top of the white heart, then glue to the bottom of one of the styrofoam cups, these are your feet. Cut out 2 tear drop shapes from white paper (approximately 4.5″), and two smaller tear drop shapes from pink paper (approximately 3.5″). Glue the pink tear drop shapes to the white tear drop shapes, these are your ears. Glue to the top of your styrofoam cups, just at the back. Make the arms by cutting out 2 round cornered rectangles from white paper, and a little smaller of the same shape from the pink paper. These should be approximately 3″ and 2″ respectively. Like with the feet and ears, glue the pink to the white. Bend the short ends of the arms about 1/2″ in, glue the folded end to the side of the bunny, where the cups connect. Glue a white pom pom or cotton ball to the back for the tail. Glue 2 large wiggle eyes to the front of the cup in the head area. Glue 2 white pom poms or cotton balls (you can also use pink pom poms) on just below the eyes for the cheeks. Glue a small pink pom pom in between and above the cheeks for the nose (if using pink cheeks, use a black nose). Cut the black chenille stick in half. Cut both halves into three sections each, you should have six small pieces. Glue three on each side, behind the cheeks as whiskers.

Optional Steps:

Older kids may enjoy adding a few details as we have. To add a bowtie, tie a piece of colorful ribbon into a bow and glue just under cheeks. To add buck teeth, draw teeth onto a scrap of white paper, cut out and glue on. You can also add buttons by using small pom poms or real buttons.

A note from the submitter:

“Sometimes I use wide ribbon on the middle instead of gluing the cups together. This way you can fill it with treats!” Special thanks to Debbie Knechtel of Ontario, Canada for submitting this craft idea!

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