Springtime Funtime

February 12th, 2013 posted by Ann DeLong

With Springtime comes new life. Mama bird’s chicks have hatched and it’s time to feed her young. Have the kids make this fun and easy craft today!

Bird’s Nest


You will need:

Plastic mesh vegetable bag

Lightweight cardboard

Poster paint

Chenille sticks


Form a plastic mesh vegetable bag into the shape of a bird’s nest as shown. Fasten the ends together by twisting a small piece of chenille stick around them.


Cut a Mother Bird and a row of baby birds from lightweight cardboard. Paint them and let dry. // 3. Punch a hole at the bottom of Mother Bird and attach her to the mesh bag with a piece of chenille stick.


Glue a piece of chenille stick along the back the baby birds with the ends extending. Twist the ends into the mesh bag to hold the baby birds in the nest.

Paper Loop Caterpillar and Bird

Here are some colorful crafts to make with very minimal materials. A great class art project. bird and caterpillar

You will need:

colored construction paper paper hole punch glue scissors


Cut 1-inch-wide strips of colored construction paper. Cut and glue the strips into various sized loops.


To make a caterpillar glue together small paper loops. Attach paper-punch dots to decorate. Add eyes, mouth and antennae.


To make the bird, make a large loop for the body, and two smaller loops, one for the head and one for the legs. Glue them together.


Cut eyes, a beak, wings and tail feathers from paper and glue them on the head and the body. Cut small slits along the paper edges to give a feathery look.

To move on to the sun catcher and button bouquet craft, please click the green “next” button below.

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