Recycling Old CD’s for Craft Projects

February 12th, 2013 posted by Terri Bose

disco ball Seems like everyone is saving CDs and using them for crafts. We had 100’s of responses — many for suncatcher, mobiles and ornaments. Our favorite suggestion for this disco ball submitted by Kellie of Fayetteville AR. We also have posted several other ideas including an ornament and a picture frame. Here they are!

Disco Ball

6 to 8 CDs you don’t need

5″ Styrofoam Ball

Tacky Glue or Low Temp Glue Gun

Wire for Hanging

Kitchen Shears

If you make this project

we’d love to see it! Just send your photos and comments to the editor and it may get published on our Facebook fan page !

What you do

Cut CDs into irregular 1/2″ pieces. Some pieces will splinter. Discard the splintered pieces. Wrap wire around Styrofoam ball in two directions. Bring lose wire ends together and form into a loop. Glue CD pieces all around Styrofoam ball. Hang from wire.

Christmas Decorations “Origami trees sitting on top of a CD looks like ice pond.” –Theresa, Pasadena, CA //

Sun Catcher

“Decorate the non print side with fabric paint. Glue two CD’s together and hang from the ceiling or in the window as a sun catcher. –Patricia, Everett, WA

High-Tech Wreath

“Save them until you get quite a few. Form them into a circle overlapping them and hot glue them together! You can use either the silver sides or the colorful sides, or you can paint them any way you want! Add a bow at the bottom. If you want, add beads or old circuit pieces as the ‘berries’! Makes a great gift for the computer person in your life!” –Stacey, TN


“I buy the clockworks at a craft store and add stickers and fun foam hands. They turn out really cute” –Chrissie, Cincinnati OHIO


“They make great wheels for homemade cars.” –Donna, Emporia, Kansas

Dessert Holder

“Place a CD on the bottom then a spacer then another CD then a spacer then another CD and so on.” –Anonymous

Bird Treat

“Coat them with peanut butter or bacon grease, dip in bird seed, run yarn through the hole in the middle and attach to a tree branch.” –Michele, St. Joseph, MO

Planet Saturn

“Cut a form ball in half and put a half on each side of the CD. Decorate it with glitter.” –K. Bolton


“Tie a bunch of the CD’s together and hang them off of a hanger. Pointing a light at the mobile would cause a beautiful display on the wall.” –Anonymous


“I use them to make coasters to put under mugs. Just cut out a disc of felt the same size as the CD and glue it to the underside.” –Linda, Portadown, Northern Ireland

Diorama Pond

“The back side, with no writing, can make a pond with a small island — surround with your ground, etc.” –Betty, Mustang, OK

Candle Coasters

Set a small candle on the shiny side and light it. The CD reflects the light and after the wax melts all over it I can just throw it away.” –Andrea, Hanford, CA

Teacher’s Gifts

“Painting apples on them, A B C, and 1 2 3. Use gold foil ribbon, drill a hole on each side at top, place beads on it, spelling teacher.” –Heather, Granite City, Illinois


“Glue three together. Let child glue on buttons, ribbons and colorful pipe cleaners for arms. A black construction paper hat could be glued.” –Anonymous

Party Invitations

“Glue paper on the printed side and write party details on it.” –Anonymous


“Great for an old notebook that needs a new look. Break the CDs up into about 1/4 to 1/2 inch pieces. Arrange the pieces on the cover in a mosaic tile pattern. Use hot glue or spray adhesive to put them in place. This could look great in any mosaic pattern — on picture frames, hat boxes, etc.” –Staci, Tulsa, OK


Place the CD on top of a small oven safe bowl (like a small Pyrex bowl) so it overlaps the top. Place the oven on a low temperature and watch how it bend and form to the shape of the bowl. I did this with the shiny side up, and painted the label side with acrylic paints. Glue a small circle of cardboard or craft foam in the bottom to block the hole.” –Lynn, Leicester, MA

Sponge Painting

“Cut shapes out of sponges for sponge painting. Then set the sponge on top of the CD (shiny side) and trace the shape with permanent marker. Hot glue the sponge to the other side lining up with your outline. Cut a slit in the sponge through the center hole in the CD and hot glue a Popsicle stick in the slit. Now the kids can sponge paint without getting their fingers as messy!” –M Payne, Lynnwood, WA

Name Tags

“Spray paint CDs. Hang them on strings with some beads. Write the kids names on them and hang them around their necks. They get to put a sticker on the CD each time they come. I also put their name on both sides so no matter how they swing, I still have a name.” –Jo, Mounds, OK

Photo Frames

“Cut a picture into a 2″- 3″ circle and glue to center of the CD’s shiny side. Attach a magnet strip to the back.” –Theresa, Indiana

Gluey Designs

“Design something really cool with glitter glue on the CD. When it dries fully it will start to peel off the CD. Use a piece of thread to hang it up.” –Salina, Buffalo NY

Hover Craft

“Glue a sports drink pull top over the hole in the middle of the CD. Make sure to leave the hole open. When glue is dry blow up a balloon and place it on the pull top. The CD with balloon fly over a smooth surface.” –Anonymous


“Stamp a cute design on a piece of sticker paper and apply to the printed side of the CD. Use a permanent marker. to address on the shiny side… add .44 cents postage and drop in the mail. No envelope needed…and it’s lots of fun!” –Patti, Fort Peck, MT

Girl Scout Swap

Cut CD it quarters. Glue a black ‘pot’ on the end from fun foam. The rainbow of colors on the CD gives you a rainbow with a pot o’ gold at the end.” –Beth, Charlotte, NC

CD Psychedelic Mirror

Glue CDs onto a piece of cardboard, one right next to the other (shiny side up). Decorate the edges of the cardboard and attach it to the back of a door.” –Sandra, Bradford, Ontario, Canada

Magnetic Note Holder

“Decorate with glitter and glue and put magnets on the back.” –Anonymous

Cool Room Decoration

“Use double-sided sticky tape to put them on the wall of a preteen’s bedroom. Hang them up in a grid pattern for a ‘disco’ wall to dance in front of.” –Anonymous

Sporting Equipment

“Use them as a Frisbee or dive for them in the pool.” –Niki, Ohio

Classroom Border

My teachers hangs them all around the top of her room as a border and is going to cover her walls with them.” –Niki, Ohio

Halloween Costume

“Put CD’s on old clothes for a high tech costume.” –Laurie, Duluth, MN

Party Decorations

Paint with black high gloss spray paint and then apply circles around the center to imitate 45 records with fun play-on- words made-up song titles and artists to go along with a 50’s dance theme.” –Kathy, Florissant, MO

Girl Scout SWAPS

“Spray paint the label side with gold paint (the other side is already silver). Hence ‘one is silver and the other’s gold’ from the girl scout song Make New Friends.” –Jacki, Georgetown, Texas

Office Window Valance

“Glue CD’s on a rectangular piece of foam board. Tack it up above the window. Looks very hi-tech!” –Rhonda, OKC, OK

Doll Hats

“Cut a small Styrofoam ball in half and glue it to the center of the CD. Cover it in your choice of fabric. Add small flowers or fringe.” –Theresa, Sanford, Maine

Do YOU have an idea not mentioned here? Post it on our boards or read what other have posted!

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