How to Make a Leprechaun Trap

February 12th, 2013 posted by Jan Finlayson


The legend of these mischievous creatures states that they are the protectors of fairy treasure, and are very keen on keeping it hidden. They have gold that they hide very carefully as they know we human will take it. The legend states that if we catch a leprechaun, they are required to reveal where they hid the gold. However, leprechauns are clever and very sly-quick enough to vanish in an instant. Your child will need to devise a trap to outsmart the leprechaun because if the leprechaun sees a trap that looks like another child’s, he’ll figure out what you were trying to do.

Supplies for the trap:

Box – could be an old shoe box

Empty milk jugs

Clean tin cans

Old shoes – you will only need one.

(Leprechauns are shoe makers by trade, and will look for shoes to repair)

Paper towel or toilet paper tube

String or cord

Popsicle sticks

Construction paper or cardboard

Netting Glue


Green paint or paper


pennies – the shinier the better Gold coins Gold jewelry – ask mom first! You’ll need to think about the best way to trap the little guy. Be creative! Disguising a tin can or a milk jug with the top cut off is one way. It can be propped up with sticks, with shiny bait waiting inside. The old shoe is another option. The trap needs to be thoroughly disguised using lots of green. Cut out shamrocks and four leaf clovers, and cover the trap with lots of paper to throw him off. The more green the better! Use the paper tubes to create passages into your trap – they like little spaces! Parents – since most leprechauns will outsmart the trap, let your child know that there may be proof that he has been there. Leprechauns usually leave a gold glitter trail behind them, and because they sneak around so quickly, they may be able to grab the bait but leave behind gold chocolate coins in their place.

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