Gift Bags and Tags Craft Project

February 12th, 2013 posted by Susie Tilton


There are some things I am compelled to save. Grocery bags, plastic bags, gift bags, shopping bags, they all have a place. I do use most of them again, even if it’s for just collecting trash. I have an area designated for all my gift giving wrappings, bows, tissue and of course all those bags that I know I can regift. As the holidays approach, and I see a move looming in our future, I am on a mission to reuse as much as I can so I don’t have to pitch it or pack it! My assortment of holiday gift bags is a little slim this year, probably because I seem to regift them as fast as I acquire them, and I refuse to buy gift bags when I have a shopping bag full of shopping bags from the last year that is bulging at the seams. I try to reuse the high quality shopping bags, but generally not for gift giving as they usually have an advertisement plastered on the side. I went through my stash and pulled out some of the better ones and decided to embellish them with old Christmas cards so they can be reused this holiday season. 

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Beware, going through boxes of old greeting cards that you saved for one reason or another can totally detract you from the task. I have a crate that I toss in cards, and I haven’t cleaned it out in many years. I found some great cards for this project, but also spent hours reading birthday notes, looking at pictures, and reminiscing about that 3rd birthday for my high schooler. I pulled out the cards with interesting pictures, bold words, and great colors. Keep in mind, some of these could become the tags for your new bags, especially the high quality solid color portions. I also delved into the sewing trims. Rick rack, ribbon, fringe, anything that can be added for a holiday flair. I have a few jingle bells that would make a festive sound tied to the bag as well.

One big retailer in my area gives bright red shopping bags with a white star on them. How convenient for the holidays! It doesn’t take much to cover up the store name on this one! I also love the natural brown bags for giving breads and cookies, they seem to have a more home-spun feel to them. Make-up counters are a great place to get gift bags. They are generally very small and have luxurious touches like satin ribbon handles and high gloss finishes. Sort through your bags and see which ones would be the easiest to camouflage for a holiday or birthday.

I prefer a craft glue over school glue. It can be thinned out if it is too gloppy, but it tends to dry flat and clear. A hot glue gun can make quick work of a craft project like this, but I am very wary of their use around kids (even teenagers!) as the glue is hot enough to burn skin coming out of the gun. That is experience talking. After gluing the cards on the bags, allow them to dry thoroughly and then add trims etc. If you are trimming around the top of a bag, don’t rule out sewing the trim on. Sewing through paper is easy and effective. All you need now is great colored tissue to dress up the gift! Don’t be surprised if someone reuses your recycled shopping bag!

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