10 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

February 12th, 2013 posted by Family Corner Staff

by Sheri Stevenson

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Looking for some fun activities to do with your little ones? Here’s an assortment of easy and inexpensive activities perfect for a variety of ages.

1. Bump Chenille Shamrock Pins

With a few twists and a dab of glue, you can dress up any outfit with this simple chenille shamrock. Bump chenille is perfect for this project, but regular chenille will work fine too.

Follow the bumps in the stem and loop the chenille into the shape of a 3-leaf clover. For regular chenille stems, just section the stem into 4 equal parts and form 3 equal loops.

Flatten the outer edge of the loops for better shape. Trim the remaining chenille to form a stem for the shamrock. Glue a rhinestone embellishment to the center of the shamrock to cover the intersection of wire. Glue a jewelry pin on the back and it’s ready to go!

2. Petite Ribbon Shamrocks

These petite shamrocks have a variety of uses and can be made in just a few minutes. These were done with a 3/8″-wide ribbon, but can be done with any size ribbon.

Form a small loop in the ribbon, twisting the ribbon to keep it facing the same direction. Place a dab of glue in the center to hold the ribbon in place. Form another loop the same size right next to the first one, and glue. Repeat for a third loop. Trim the ends of the ribbon, leaving one longer for a stem. Glue a sparkling rhinestone into the center.

Your finished shamrock can be attached to a jewelry pin for a lovely decoration for your lapel, or to a thumbtack for a decorative seasonal touch at the office. String several together to make a sweet garland, or glue several to the front of a greeting card. The options are many!

3. Wired Shamrock Trio

A few twists of wire, a sparkly rhinestone, and a dab a glue are all you need to make this shamrock trio pin. Working with wire is a lot like writing — you just form the wire into the shape you want. If you don’t like it, you just bend it some more.

Using a piece of light-weight green wire, twist a series of adjacent hearts. Finish off with a short stem. Glue a rhinestone into the center to cover the intersection of the wires. Repeat twice. Align the rhinestones together, using a spot of glue hidden behind the rhinestones to hold them in place.

Finish off by gluing a jewelry pin to the back.

4. Paper Roll Shamrocks

Decorate and recycle at the same time by making these paper roll shamrocks.

Cut 4 or 5 strips 1/2″ wide from the end of a paper tube.

Shape the strips into a heart by reversing the fold on one side of the strip. Tightly pinch the fold to encourage it’s new direction.

When you have 3 or 4 hearts ready, begin gluing them together at the points.

Flatten a strip and glue it to the bottom for a stem.

If you’d like to have yours stand up, shape another heart and glue it to the back.

You can leave it as-is or apply a quick coat of spray paint in the color of your choice. A light coat of gold paint makes the shamrock resemble old brass.

5. Thumbprint Shamrocks

Using a green stamp pad, imprint 8 thumbprints on a piece of card stock. Add stems, and a rhinestone to the center for a super-easy, festive shamrock.

6. Heart Stamp Shamrocks

Re-purpose some of your Valentine’s heart stamps for this quick and easy stamped shamrock. Stamp three or four leaves, draw a few stems, and add a rhinestone embellishment to the center.

7. Glittered Shamrocks

Use your heart stamps again, but dip them in glue instead of ink. Stamp and reload. When your shamrock pattern is finished, sprinkle generously with green glitter. Lightly pat the glitter in place, then shake off the excess.

8. Rainbow Shamrock Bouquet

Don’t put your Valentine’s supplies away just yet! Here’s another re-purpose for those heart punches. This lovely rainbow bouquet is certain to brighten anyone’s day!

Use your heart punch to punch out an assortment of colors from a recycled magazine. Solid patterns or mixed will both work great.

To form the shamrock flowers, start by drawing a stem. Use a glue stick to secure 3 or 4 matching hearts around the stem, aligning the points of the hearts in the center. Place a rhinestone or other embellishment in the center covering the points.

To make the bouquet, draw a bunch of stems at once. Begin forming groupings of hearts around the stems. To make the bouquet appear nice and full, overlap several layers.

Finish off the bouquet by adding a small bow on the bunch of stems, and a few rhinestone embellishments on the flowers.

9. Rainbow Bean Bags

With all the electronic entertainment bombarding our children, it’s sometimes difficult to find fun activities that can compete for their attention, especially without spending a fortune to do so. But there are a few traditional toys that are tried-and-true and still pack a punch today.

One of the all-time favorites is the bean bag. The materials themselves don’t get much simpler or less expensive. A little fabric and a handful of beans or rice is all you need. Just sew a square and stuff it with beans or rice, making sure to use tight stitches to prevent leaking. If you don’t sew, you can make them with socks and close off the end with a rubber band. If you have a bit more crafty talent, you can make them out of themed fabric, or apply numbers or letters to the bean bags for additional gaming rules. A few added props such as laundry baskets or bowls and the options are almost endless. The games you can play are as uncomplicated as the bean bags themselves. They’re safe, simple, and versatile. Here are just a few ideas: Two-players: Bean bag toss: Simple game of catch using bean bags. This is a great game for younger players to build hand-eye coordination without requiring the dexterity needed to handle a round ball. Pick a short distance and gently toss the bean bag back and forth. If the bean bags have numbers (or letters) on them, have the players say the numbers as they toss them. Bean bag double toss: Give each player a bean bag. Both players toss their bean bag at the same time and try to catch the bean bag thrown by the other player. Target practice 1: Scatter a few baskets or bowls on the floor and assign a point value to each one. Toss the bean bags into the baskets and add up the points. Alternatively, use masking tape to draw lines on the floor, or to tape down paper targets. Target practice 2: Line up a series of empty aluminum cans and plastic bottles along a flat surface. Label the empty containers with a number for a point value. Toss the bean bags at the targets and knock them down to accumulate points. Hide and seek: One player hides the bean bags, the other searches for them. For more interaction, the player who hid the bean bags can say “hotter” or “colder” to indicate to the other player if they’re getting close. Marco Polo: Tie a blindfold onto both players. Give one player the bean bags, and the other player a basket. Spin both players. The player with the bean bags says, “Marco,” and the player with the basket responds with “Polo.” The player with the bean bags tries to toss them into the basket, based upon the sounds made by the other player. Bean bag hopscotch: Use chalk to draw a hopscotch court on the driveway. Toss a bean bag to mark a skip. If you’re trapped indoors, masking tape works great for outlining the court. Shufflebag: If you have hardwood or smooth tile floors, these make great surfaces for an adhoc shuffleboard court. Use masking tape or cans to mark the borders of the court. Give each player 3 bean bags which they slide down the court to score points.

Two or more players: Balancing relay: Place a bean bag on your nose and balance it while you walk a short distance and drop the bean bag into a basket, without ever touching it with your hands. If you drop the bean bag or touch it with your hands, you have to go back to the starting position and try again. Hot Potato: Sit the players on the floor in a circle. Give each player a bean bag, with one of the bean bags being red. Start a musical tune and have the players toss their bean bag to the player next to them as quickly as they can. Stop the music randomly. When the music stops, the player with the red bean bag steps out of the circle. As a consolation, that player could be put in charge of the music for a turn. Balancing act: Place a bean bag on top of the player’s head. Have them do a series of actions while keeping the bean bag balanced on their head. Suggested actions are: turn in a circle, touch their toes, hop on one foot, crawl, deep-knee bend, animal imitations, sit and scoot on a skateboard, etc. The added bonus of this activity is the hidden exercise. Dodge bag: Place a few players inside a ring of other players. Have the players on the outside toss bean bags at the players on the inside while the players on the inside try to dodge the bean bags. Bean bag tag: One player is “it.” That player chases the other players and tags another player “it” by tossing and tagging them with a bean bag. These are just a few of the many great activities you can do with a couple of simple bean bags. You’ll probably find as you play some of these games that they morph into new ones without really trying. What a great way to get your little ones away from the electronics, while sharing some laughs and getting a little exercise at the same time!

10. Pot o’ Gold Rainbow Scarf

It might still be cold out, but here’s an idea that will help warm you up.

Cut long strips of fleece in a mix of rainbow colors. The strips should be about 1″ wide and somewhere around 24-30 inches long. The length and width will vary depending upon what size person you want the scarf to fit. Use a zig-zag stitch to piece the fabric strips together.

Fleece works wonderfully for this. As long as the edge is straight and your stitch is tight, the fleece melds together as if it was always one piece. If you find that your zig is occasionally dropping a zag (or that your stitches are skipping,) you might try changing out your needle. You might also need to adjust your tension, but use this as a last resort — You don’t want to end up creating other problems for yourself. Check with your nearby sewing store if you’re still having issues. When you’re finished stitching the strips together, trim the end straight. Next, cut a cloud shape from a piece of white fleece, then mirror the shape into a second piece of fleece. Place the clouds pieces in front and behind the end of the rainbow, covering the raw edge of the fleece.

The cloud should be just slightly larger than the width of the rainbow, and about 4″ tall. Stitch the outline of the cloud to secure it in place. Next, you’ll need to make the pot o’gold that everyone knows sits at the end of the rainbow. Size the pot so that the top of the pot when finished is just slightly larger than the width of the rainbow. Round out the pot below the rim. Leave a little extra fabric at the rim to form a cuff. Stitch the pot, turn, and flip down the cuff.

Insert about an inch of the unfinished end of the rainbow into the top of the pot. Pin the rainbow onto one side only of the pot.

Stitch a seam around the rim of the pot, securing the rainbow to one side. The top of the pot should be open to one side.

Add a piece of velcro to the inside rim of the pot.

Here’s the fun part! Since the pot o’ gold is really a “pocket o’ gold,” it’s perfect for storing a pocketful of foil-wrapped candy coins! Wouldn’t it be adorable to encourage your child to share a coin whenever someone complimented their scarf? Thus, warming hearts and bodies at the same time! Give this a try! Spread a little joy and brighten someone’s day, and bring a little color to the world while you’re at it.

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