Small Ideas For Big Savings On Family Meals

You can save a tremendous amount of both time
and money by making "freezer meals." You can
usually make two or three meals' worth of food in
about the same time it takes you to make one,
saving on both the cost of ingredients and
preparation time.

For example, try making three lasagnas instead of
one. Then eat one that night, putting the other two
in the freezer for later in the month.

As far as eating out is concerned, you need to think
creatively. In most places in the U.S., lunch runs
one-half to two-thirds of the price of dinner at the
same restaurant. So consider scheduling a date for
lunch instead of dinner (or maybe a very early
dinner, squeezing in before 5 pm, when lunch-hour
rates still apply).

Another trick, which will work with some
restaurants, is to contact the headquarters of your
favorite chain restaurants and let them know you'd
be interested in serving as a "mystery shopper" or

This refers to someone engaged by management to
go in and eat at their restaurant for the purpose of
giving them a customer's-eye-view of the food and
service. You have to write a little report afterward
but you get to eat for free (often with friends or
family) and might even get a small payment on top
of that.

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