How To Use Paint To Enhance Your living Space

* Brighten Room
The common solution to a dark room is throwing
white paint on the walls, to reflect more light. But the
lack of light generally makes the white room look
washed-out and gray. A better solution is to use a
warmer and deeper color, which often can provide the
luminosity missing from the room. Yellows are
particularly effective, because the color value can be
kept light enough while still adding warmth.

* Enlarge Living Spaces
If you have light-colored floors, choose a deeper
wall color and a light ceiling color to reflect the floor.
Walls will appear to recede above the floor. If you
have dark floors, keep walls and ceiling light and the
same color. Eyes are attracted to contrast - high
contrast between walls and ceiling closes spaces.

Some people think they can lift a ceiling by painting it
white. That is often the case, because a white ceiling
reflects more light. But if there's already plenty of light,
similarly colored walls and ceiling can make a room
appear more open and atmospheric.

* Achieve A Sense Of Consistency
Use the same trim color throughout a number of
rooms. The wall color in each room will make the trim
appear different. Keep the trim lighter than the walls.
Using darker trim colors can be beautiful but it is much
more difficult to pull off.

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