Planning Your Pet's Perfect Flight

For many pet lovers, Fido is a full-fledged family member.
Therefore, a family vacation is just that, a vacation for
the entire family - Fido included.

Whenever it's family vacation time, the following
strategies will ensure that every member has a healthy and
happy flight:

* Select a non-stop flight whenever possible. For pets, one
longer flight is usually less stressful than being jostled
around from one cargo hold to another.

* Prepare a comfortable kennel. Purchase an approved kennel
from a local pet store, rather than buying a pricey and
often cramped airport kennel. The kennel should allow
enough room for the animal to comfortably stand and turn
around. Include a blanket or special toy for added comfort.

* Prepare your pets. Prior to the trip, prepare your pets
for extended stays inside the kennel. Start with a few
minutes inside the kennel and work up to the length of the

* Exercise and feed appropriately. Exercise pets just
before the flight to make them more apt to nap en route.
Stop feeding five to six hours before the trip, and provide
water up to two hours before departure. Fill water dishes
with ice cubes just before the flight to avoid spilling and
provide a cool in-flight treat.

* Remove tags and tighten collars. Make sure there's
nothing loose or dangling that could get caught in gates or

With these simple strategies, pet owners can enjoy a worry-
free flight knowing all of their family members are safe
and secure.

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