Growing a Lush Lawn

For a great looking lawn, make sure you're giving the grass
enough water. For a healthy lawn, aim for a good soaking.
Too little water can encourage the grass roots to stay near
the surface. That makes your lawn an easy target for
disease and insects.

The best water schedule is one that allows the water to
soak in. Run your sprinkler for about 15 minutes, then turn
it off for about an hour. That gives the water time to
soak in. After the hour is up, turn the sprinkler on again
for another 15 minutes.

You should repeat this procedure about four times.
Use a timer if you'd rather not run outdoors every hour!

One word of caution: Many communities are in the middle of
a water crisis. Be sure to check with your homeowner's
association or county to find out your "allotted" lawn
watering days.

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