Softer Cuticles

Great looking nails begin with well-groomed cuticles.
Here's how to keep your nails looking perfect:

* Mix two tablespoons corn meal with one tablespoon olive
oil and a few drops water. Massage gently into cuticles and
nails. Rinse with warm water.

*Apply a cuticle conditioner nightly before bed. Alpha
Hydroxy Acid works beautifully. You can buy a
special "cuticle formula" at the drug store. But it's more
economical and just as effective to massage a bit of lemon
juice into the cuticles. Be sure to apply moisturizer to
prevent drying.

* Rub a little olive oil onto nails during the day for
instantly "manicured" nails. The oil not only smoothes
cuticles, it protects them, as well!

Done daily, these treatments will help keep your cuticles
looking soft and smooth.

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