Organize Your Beauty Accessories

Everyone has experienced searching for that perfect color,
or digging around bureau drawers for the mascara you're
sure you had. Find all your products easily and
effortlessly with simple organization. Here's how
professional models do it:

1. Buy a fishing tackle box at any drug or discount store.
Look for one that opens up to display two shelves of

2. Store large makeup items, such as foundation and large
compacts, in the bottom.

3. Arrange lipsticks, eyeliners and eyeshadow in the larger
compartments. Group them together for easy access.

4. Store brushes in the long, narrow compartments.

5. The small boxes are perfect for earrings! They help keep
your favorite pairs in sight at all times.

Don't waste time fishing for your beauty tools. With a
makeup tackle box, getting ready at a moment's notice is a

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