Beautiful Hair

Ever admire a friendís locks, or see someone on the street
with such beautiful hair you felt envious? Their good
fortune may not be so much genetics as a great cut. Hereís
how to ensure your hair is hair you love:

* If you see someone with hair you admire, stop them and
ask who their stylist is. Most people are extremely
flattered and more than happy to give you the number.

* When making an appointment, ask for the salonís master
stylist. This is a stylist who teaches or lectures and is
highly trained. You may pay a bit more, but the results are
worth it.

* Enter the salon with an idea of what you want. Take a
picture if you have one. If you are unsure, the chances are
good the stylist will come up with a creative look you
might not like.

These details are important. You may avoid getting a bad
haircut that takes months to grow out. Also, a good stylist
will make the most of your particular hair type, giving you
a great look and cutting your styling time.

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