How To Enhance Your Bathing Experience

Relaxing in a tub for even just ten minutes can
significantly reduce stress and anxiety, with beneficial
results for both your beauty and your weight.

The water in your tub should be warm and comfortable -
never too hot. Extreme temperatures drain energy, rather
than restore it. Very hot water can dry out skin oils.

Here are a few ideas to enhance your bath experience:

1. Toss a packet of powdered milk under running bath
water. Milk's lactic acid will remove dead skin cells,
leaving your skin's texture baby soft.

2. Add a quarter cup of pure vanilla extract to a warm
bath. Vanilla has the ability to lift spirits and revive.

3. Brew three cups of very strong chamomile tea and
add it to your bath water. Chamomile has soothing,
healing properties that ease tension.

4. Mix half a pound of sea salt with one pound of
baking soda. Add to warm tub and soak until water
cools. This bath not only soothes skin but also helps
it dispose of toxic wastes.

5. Use face treatments while you're bathing. The
steam speeds the penetration of nutrients into skin.
Plus, the treatments will work faster.

In light of the benefits and enjoyment offered by
baths, it makes sense that the Japanese add the
honorific prefix "o-" to the word for bath in that

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