Win The Battle Over Head Lice

Millions of children get head lice each year. If your child
is one of them, you should know:

-- Removing the lice by hand is best. Wrap a vinegar-soaked
towel around the child's head for one hour. Then use a
fine-toothed comb to remove nits and lice.

-- Chemical remedies containing permethrin or pyrethrin are
safe and effective. Stay away from products containing
lindane, which can be dangerous for children.

-- It's important to wash in hot water any sheets, pajamas,
hats and any other items that have touched the child's head.

-- Away from the body, lice live only about 48 hours, so if
an item can't be washed, remove it from the child's room for
a few days.

The more you know, the better prepared you'll be if lice
come calling.

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