Keeping Safe

If your children are home temporarily by themselves.
Teach them safe practices when answering the phone.
They should never tell a caller that you are not at home.
If the caller asks for a parent, have them answer, "She is
not able to come to the telephone at the moment. Can I
take a message?" Practice telephone situations at home
with your children by role playing a persistent caller.

Hide a key to your house where your children can access
it in the event that they need to enter at a time when you
are not there. Explain to your child the importance of keeping
the hiding place a secret. Actually go to the spot that you
have picked out and practice putting/taking the key there.

Talk to your kids about the importance of not keeping secrets
from you as parents. Tell your children that no one can force
you to keep a secret. Role-play situations when someone may
ask them to keep a secret of a wrongdoing.

Equip children to avoid danger by discussing situations that
they may encounter. What happens if a stranger asks for help?
What if a stranger or even an acquaintance tells them that "Your
mom asked me to pick you up after school"? Teach your children
to trust their intuition and that you will always take their side.

Look for everyday opportunities (when at the mall, taking a walk,
bad weather) to teach/remind your children appropriate safety

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