Creating Family Memories

As a family, we love to look at pictures and talk about
our favorite family times spent together. We laugh as
we recall (in great detail many times) those special
memories. As a result, we decided that it might be a
great idea to actually 'create' those family times - our
future memories! Here are a few thoughts on creating
those magical, memorable- often tradition making- events:

Listen to your children and spouse when asked what they
might enjoy doing as a family. We had some real surprises
when we talked about this at the supper table. Make a list
and use these ideas!

If there is a family activity that has been extra special to your
kids (i.e. they continue to talk about it, share stories with
friends/relatives, etc.), do it again! This repetition of sucessful
ideas can likely turn into a wonderful family traditions!

Research ideas for fun family activities at the library, on the
internet and by talking with friends/extended family. Share
these ideas with your family.

Set aside a little money each month specifically for 'Family
Fun'! While some of the family activities will require no money,
others may.

Set a family day/night each month or week. For example, the
third Saturday of each month could be set aside as the 'Family
Fun' day. Be consistent and intentional. It can take a little time
and planning- but the results will be memories that last a lifetime!

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