Start Off the School Year w/Great Family Routines

The school year can be more sucessful and positive
for both you and your children by establishing a number
of simple routines.

Establish a regular bedtime to ensure that your children get
enough sleep. This will effect their daily performance in school.
Discuss the importance of this regular time with your children
and let them know that all homework, television, snacks, baths,
etc. will be completed by this time. As a result, it might be a
good idea to establish a regular 'Get Ready for Bed' start time too!

As your children leave for school, give them a hug and kiss! Tell
them that you love them and are proud of them. As they leave say,
"Have a great day!' and let them know that you will be thinking of
them during the day!

When your children arrive home from school, give them another hug
and kiss! Stop what you are doing for five minutes to sit with them
individually and hear about their day. Ask them questions. Be
enthusiastic, encouraging and positive.

Look through your child's folder/bag each night. Check for homework,
notes from school that need to be signed, etc. Praise them for great
work and review errors that they have made without being
condescending or hurtful.

Set out the backpack, lunch, clothes, etc. the night before. Doing so
can improve the morning routine by eliminating that last minute hunt
for misplaced papers, shoes, and other items!

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