How to Improve Communication With Your Children

The better you communicate with your children, the easier
it will be for them to comply with your requests to leave
the park, put on shoes or get dressed. Here's how to
improve communication in your home:

* Make eye contact. Get down to their level, shut off the
television and look in their eyes when you need to request

* Use a command, instead of a question. Don't say, "What do
you say we go up to bed now, okay?" Try something more
assertive such as, "Time for bed now."

* Try the if/then technique. Say, "If you pick up your toys
now, then there will be time for a story later" or "When
you have finished your homework, then you can play video

Praise your children when they do listen to you and have
complied with what you have asked. If you get frustrated,
talk to them about other ways you can help them cooperate
with you.

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