Travel Games

August typically is the month that our family takes
vacation. While we look forward to these exciting
once-a-year getaways, we also know that when the
ride there gets to be a little long, the kids will quickly
let us know. This year we planned ahead and some
activities to pass the time while looking out of the
window. Here are a five fun kid-tested games that we
came up with to play in the car, bus, train or plane.

Have fun!

Write the name of the place that you are going to
on a piece of paper (i.e. Grandma's, Disneyland,
Orlando, etc.). Try to make as many words from
that word as you can. Winner picks the next word.

Have one person think of a person, place, or object
and keep it a secret. Have others take turns asking
yes/no questions (up to 20) until someone is able to
guess what the secret person, place or object is!

Following the letters of the alphabet, have one
person start with A and say, 'My name is Annie and
I am going on a trip to Alabama. In my suitcase I have
an alligator'. The next person would begin by saying,
'My name is Bob and I am going on a trip to Boston. In
my suitcase I have a bug and a baseball'. On to the
letter 'C'. Keep adding to the number of items in that
suitcase! This can get really silly!

'If I Were an ..., I Would Be a .... Because ...'. This is
a game that can really stretch creativity! One person
picks a subject. If, for example, you began with the
subject 'animal', the first person would begin by saying,
'If I were an ... animal, I would be a ... cow, because ...I
would like to enjoy long sunny afternoons in green
pastures'. Others follow with their answer to what type
of animal they would be. Another person picks a subject
(i.e., cars) and would begin by saying, 'If I were a,
I would be older Model A car, because ... my family
would take me out only on special occasions.' Try subjects
like food, birds, persons, etc.

Mom and Dad give a word and have the kids give the opposite.
Simple! But it can really make you think! We started with
hot/cold, dry/wet, laugh/cry and worked our way into some
pretty tough words! This was there favorite!

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