You Can Never Have Enough Baskets!

They are pretty, versatile and will help you organize
your stuff. They are also very easy to repair and paint
after you have found them really cheap at yard sales
and thrift stores. Don't overlook the trash too! People
throw these out because they cannot see the
possibilities of baskets;

You can spray paint them, stencil them, line them, or
hot glue something to them to make them look nice.

You can then use them to hold craft supplies,
newspapers, as a trash can, as a message organizer
(for pens and paper) by the phone, or to hold all those
miscellaneous weird stuff you find around the house
(like extra screws and things).

You can also use them to hold cleaning supplies, toys,
as a table organizer (napkins, salt and pepper), to
organize laundry, and anything else you can dream

There are many ways to use baskets, and they can
be really cheap, so keep your eyes open!

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