How To Enjoy Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Rose Bushe

The rose's reputation as an aristocrat is well deserved.
It is a regal flower that typically requires a level of
attention usually reserved for royalty. But you need
not quit your job and sell your silver in order to grow
beautiful roses in your garden, if you follow these
simple rules:

* Choose Disease-Resistant Varieties. Most varieties
of roses become so diseased that they look as if they
were dunked in weed killer unless bombarded weekly
with chemical treatments. A few widely available rose
varieties - such as Cliffs of Dover, Sun Flare and
Flower Carpet - have disease-resistant genes. By
choosing healthy varieties, you can pretty much
chuck the sprayer.

* Use An Automated Watering System. During the
growing season, roses love to drink but you can
quench their thirst while saving water, too. Just use
a timer that's hooked up to plastic irrigation spritzers.
Many home or garden centers sell kits, the two-gallon
per hour size works best. Set the timer to water every
other day for 30 minutes.

* Feed Your Bushes Just Once A Year. When the
ground starts to warm in the spring, place a
time-release fertilizer such as Osmocote+Iron
directly underneath the spritzers. The fertilizer you
select should be a once-a-growing season formulation.

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