Increase Your Options With Room-Divider Screens

Folding room-divider screens are making a comeback.
While they are indeed decorative, these screens can
be used in a variety of practical ways:

-- As beautiful backdrops. Some dividers feature removable
fabric or wood inserts that allow you to quickly and easily
change the style of your room.
-- To hide unsightly areas. Place a screen in front of an
appliance or even a damaged wall section.
-- To divide larger rooms into smaller, more intimate areas.
-- To create an interesting, colorful focal point.
-- For privacy, hiding from view an area that you do not want
to be seen by someone standing outside the screen.

Room-divider screens are available in a variety of colors
and styles, some of which are very affordable. Not only
is the use of such screens much less expensive than
building walls - it also gives you much greater flexibility.

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