Trim Your Family's Food Budget By 20%

If a family with $40,000 in income is trying to make
a five percent ($2,000) decrease in their budget,
food is the least noticeable area to do it in. If a
family of four makes their own hamburgers once
a week instead of going to a local fast food chain,
they've already saved $275 - without diminishing
their lifestyle at all.

In terms of saving money on grocery bills, you can
save around 15 to 20 percent, just by buying a little
spiral notebook. Make a page for every major item
you buy frequently. Take the notebook with you
whenever you go food shopping. Then, just jot
down that day's date and price (using a constant
measure, such as per ounce). Soon you'll have a
price history for these items and will be able to tell
then you're really getting a good value - so you
can stock up.

The biggest waste of money at the supermarket is
convenience. Pay attention to how much you have
been spending on plastic, instead of nutrition. A
prime example is those little drink boxes for
children. You're far better off buying a half-gallon
of high-quality fruit juice and some cute little
reusable cups with built-in straws.

Most families don't want to give up one car or
move to a smaller house, in order to economize.
The beauty of trimming your family's food budget
is that you can realize substantial savings without
any significant impact on your lifestyle.

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