Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...With Ease!

Hair removal can be made more pleasant and
comfortable, using these five guidelines:

1. Don't shave right after getting out of bed. Skin is
puffy in the morning, making stubble less visible.

2. Always moisten hair before shaving. Hair
conditioner is the shaving prep secret used by
models. Soap won't hold moisture long enough,
and tends to clog the razor.

3. To make a shave last longer, use a loofah
beforehand. This helps shed the top layer of dead
skin. It also removes oil and perspiration, for a
closer shave.

4. Shave in the opposite direction of hair growth.
It prevents hair from curling under the skin and
becoming ingrown.

5. When tweezing facial hair, apply an over-the-
counter pain reducer like Anbesol to make it less

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