To Save On Home Repairs, Renovate Wisely

If we stay in a place long enough, sooner or later we
want to renovate. When you reach this stage, here are
three ways to save:

1. Do only the work you are skilled enough to handle.
Trying to do a job you are not qualified for can end up
costing twice as much, especially if you have to hire a
contractor afterwards.

2. When buying supplies, beware of high-markup items.
Some stores will lure you in with a great price on lumber,
only to overcharge you for detail materials, such as nails
or additional tools.

3. Pay attention to seasonal prices. Look for sales on
outdoor project materials in the warmer seasons and on
indoor project materials during the cooler months. Plan
your work schedules around the bargains.

With a little forethought, you can substantially reduce
your repair or renovation costs, which will enhance your
ultimate satisfaction with the end results.

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