Retail Store Tricks: Awareness = Savings

Retail stores are laid out to attract you with a minefield
of sensory cues. Here's a sampling of techniques stores
use to keep unwary patrons spending. Awareness of
these tactics will help you resist unnecessary spending.

~ Trail Of Temptation.You are made to pass through a
gauntlet of goodies that stimulate impulse buys before
getting to the "demand" departments that you originally
set out for.

~ The Checkout Trap.Impulse items near the cash
register typically have some of the highest profit
margins of all products in the store.

~ The Bin Invitation. Table displays, "dump bins" and
end-of-aisle or island displays often give the false
impression that the items marketed are bargains, when
in fact they are not.

~ Coming And Going. Escalators are the center stage
of many stores, making them ideal locations for
promotional items and signs.

~ Making You See Red. Red is used to excite and
stimulate buying. Dressing room colors (warm pinks,
peaches, corals) are designed to make you feel good
about what you are trying on.

~ Scatter The Basics. Supermarkets are laid out so that
you have to hike through the entire store in order to pick
up staples.

~ Time Is Money. Store planners deliberately put
obstacles in shoppers' paths near the store entrance.
Studies show that every extra minute inside a store results
in $2 more spent, on average.

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