3 Superfast Cleaning Secrets For Around The House

For those of us who don't have the luxury of hiring a
housekeeper, here are some surprisingly simple
shortcuts for dealing with some of the most time-
consuming household cleaning tasks:

* Keep Curtains Fresh. Every three months or so,
toss them in the dryer on the "air-fluff" setting, with no
heat. The tumbling loosens dirt and dust, transferring
it to the dryer's filter. Then you simply pull out the lint
screen and toss away the layer of debris that it has

* Get Dirt And Dust Off Venetian Blinds. Submerge
them, fully extended, in a bathtub filled with warm
water and one or two cups of powdered dishwasher
detergent. Dip them up and down to clean. Then wipe
them with a cloth or kitchen scrub brush. Rest on old
towels to dry. This takes half the time and creates
much less mess than cleaning them slat by slat.

* The Gas Grill Cleans Itself. Place a double layer of
aluminum foil over the cooking grate, so that it is
completely covered and drapes over the sides of the
grill. Close the grill onto the foil, to seal. Set the grill at
a high temperature. Keep covered, until all smoke
dissipates. Any burnt-on food will be reduced to a
soft, powdery ash that you can whisk away with a
small broom and dustpan.

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