Recycling Magnets

Here's a neat craft idea and one that most family members
love to receive:

I recycle all our old magnets (business card size and other
varieties) that have old or outdated information on them and
turn them into treasures. It's simple and one that you'll love
to give to friends and family. Since my husband is in the
military we live away from our family. Friends and family
are often asking for updated pictures of our son. Instead of
just sending a picture for them to hang on their fridge I make
a picture magnet!

Here's what you'll need:
scissors old magnets double sided tape or glue pictures

Here's what you do:
Choose portions of the pictures that fit on the magnets. Place
the magnet on the portion of the picture you wish to use. Use
the magnet as a pattern and trace around it. Now, using the
lines as your guide, cut out the portion of the picture you are
using. Using the double sided tape or glue, stick the picture
to the magnet. Your picture magnet is now finished. Friends
and family will love displaying your child's picture while
having a magnet to post any important reminders.

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