The Many Uses Of Inexpensive Almond Oil

1. Apply a light coat of almond oil as a facial
moisturizer. While many people believe oil causes
breakouts, this is not always true (though
chemically-derived oils, such as mineral oil, can).

2. Mix a few teaspoons of almond oil with a drop
or two of your favorite essential oil, for an aromatic
body moisturizer.

3. Remove eye makeup with just a swipe of the oil
on a cotton ball or tissue.

3. Slick on a little almond oil to heal chapped lips
or just add shine.

5. Massage the oil into cuticles before bed to smooth
and soften.

Almond oil is available at any health food store - and
many grocery stores. It is relatively inexpensive, so
you can use it to replace a variety of cosmetic products
at a fraction of the cost.

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