How To Choose The Best Family Camping Tent

Camping trips can be memorable experiences that
bring a family closer together. But the success of
the trip is closely tied to the type of tent you select.
For best results, consider these guidelines:

* Allow about 25 square feet of floor space for
each adult and half that for each child. For a
family of four, allow at least 80 square feet.

* An umbrella tent is best, as it folds up neatly to
fit into a car trunk and weighs only 24-40
pounds. Best material choice is nylon.

* Make sure the tent provides good cross-ventilation.
Look for openings with sturdy mesh to keep out
insects and windows that can be closed during a

* Seams should be double-stitched with 8-10
stitches per inch. Look for lap-felled construction
(the material folded back on itself for extra
strength and waterproofing). Good tents have
extra stitching at points of stress.

* Before taking the tent on a trip, set it up in the
yard and douse it with a hose. Check for leaks
(particularly at the seams).

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