5 Money saving Ideas For Smart Car Owners

1. Buy bargain tires marked "blems." They are
perfectly serviceable except for minor cosmetic
blemishes on sidewalls.

2. Lengthen the life of old windshield-wiper blades
by rubbing the edges with a knife or the striking
part of a matchbook cover. This exposes the softer
material underneath and improves the wiping ability
of the blades.

3. Preserve the car's finish by washing it with cold
or lukewarm (never hot) water.

4. Run the air conditioner at least ten minutes every
week, regardless of season. This procedure will
maintain coolant pressure and avoid costly
air-conditioner breakdowns.

5. Clean corrosion off the battery terminals, using a
wire brush or steel wool to scrape battery posts and
cable clamps. Clean the top surface with a mild
solution of baking soda and water, without letting
it seep under cell caps.

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