For Cheaper Hotel Rates, Ask Leading Questions

True or false: Making a hotel reservation is simply a
matter of obtaining a price quote and accepting or
rejecting rates.

If you answered true, then you've been duped. You've
probably been overpaying for years and the following
strategy is just what you need.

Securing the best deal on a hotel room is tricky business,
but a few simple questions are all you need to tempt the
reservationist into offering a better price. After receiving
the initial quote, try one or a combination of the following
leading statements:

~ "I was looking for something a little cheaper."
~ "I really didn't want to spend that much."
~ "Could you check again for a lower rate?"
~ "Does your chain own other hotels in the area
with cheaper rates?"
~ "Are there any special discounts available, say,
for members of certain organizations?"

While not every reservationist will oblige, it's worth the
time to offer a few suggestive comments. You'll likely be
surprised at the results and the fact that "rack" rate is
rarely the bottom line.

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