How to Have Flight-Friendly Children

Air travel with children doesn't have to be a stressful or
embarrassing experience. The following strategies will
help keep you, your children and the other passengers
"flying high":

~ Arrive early and tour the airport. Excess energy and
preflight anxiety often transform little angels into wiggle
worms. Walk them around the airport or turn them
loose in an unused gate area, to burn off energy. After
boarding, they'll be more ready to relax.

~ Use yourself as a buffer between children and other
passengers. Minor messes and mishaps will be easier
for everyone.

~ Discuss expectations and procedures before the flight.
Children need to know what you and others expect and
what will occur during the flight.

~ Pack snacks and quiet games. Boredom and hunger
are a flying parent's nightmare. Bring plenty of
easy-to-eat finger foods and spill-proof drinks. Pack
quiet games, music and headphones for neighbor-
friendly entertainment.

A little extra time and planning go a long way. With
relaxed children who are entertained and anxiety-free,
all passengers will have a more enjoyable flight.

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