Escaping The Parent Trap

Looking for a way out of the parent trap? Here are some
practical guidelines from psychiatrist Alvin Rosenfeld, co-
author of "Hyper-Parenting: Are You Hurting Your Child
by Trying Too Hard?"

~ Think Before Signing Up. Activities are fine, as long as
you and your children don't overdo them. Some families
make firm rules (such as one sport per child per season),
whereas others decide on a case-by-case basis. If you
say yes too many times, the whole family will pay the

~ Forget Tiger Woods.Childhood is a preparation, not a
performance. Resist the pressure from coaches and the
media to push your child to excel too early. Give your
child time to grow.

~ Be-Skeptical About Expert Advice. It seems there's a
new study out almost weekly about the importance of
early stimulation. But showing your toddler flashcards
isn't a ticket to Harvard. Use common sense.

~ Make Family Time A Priority. Our children are with us
for just a short time before they head out into their own
lives. Enjoy your kids. If your family is too busy to hang
out together, then leave some empty spaces in the
calendar. Unscheduled time teaches children to create,
imagine and see new possibilities.

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