Four Key Ingredients of Successful Family Time

Most people say that family is their top priority. Yet in
actual practice, few people implement this principle. To
help align your life with your values, consider setting
aside a specific time each week to spend together as a

Successful family time may be said to have four

1. Planning
2. Teaching
3. Problem-solving
4. Having fun

John and Stephen Covey (of "Seven Habits of Highly
Successful People" fame) report:

"When we get together for our family time, we review
our upcoming family events calendar, discuss issues and
make decisions. Often, we'll have a talent show, so our
grandkids can show us how their dance and music
lessons are coming along.

"Then we'll have a short sharing session about something
informative - such as a recently read book - and then
perhaps play a board game. We serve special
refreshments, too."

Family time together doesn't have to be this well structured
or thought-out, especially in the beginning. You might start
out with something as simple as having a weekly family
meal in a restaurant. The idea is to start having enjoyable,
shared experiences on which to build.

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