5 Questions To Ask Before Buying Anything Over $20

Would you like to save more money? Would you also
like to reduce clutter created by acquiring things that
you don't really need? To accomplish both of these
worthy goals, here are five questions to ask yourself
before buying anything that costs more than $20:

1. Do I really have a need or compelling use for this?

2. Could I just as well borrow or rent it, for less?

3. If I really do need it and borrowing it is not feasible,
can I afford to pay for it with cash?

4. If I can, do I already own something that would serve
just as well?

5. If I don't have anything that will do the job, do I know
for a fact that I have found the best value? Have I really
checked around enough to know?

If your prospective purchase passes each of the above
checkpoints, still WAIT 24 HOURS before making the
purchase (unless it's an emergency, of course). With this
system, you will save money on many items that you
would buy largely on impulse, without sufficient thought.

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