Easing The Move to a Big Bed

Moving a toddler from a crib to a twin bed can be made
easier with a bit of planning. Before the move, prepare
your child with an explanation of what will happen. Try
these guidelines:

-- Let your child pick the bedding. This can help a child
feel more excited and in control of the situation.
-- Consider removing the crib from the room. For some
kids, "out of sight, out-of-mind" is the best approach.
-- Be firm about the need to stay in bed. If your little one
wanders, calmly say, "Time to go back to bed" and lead the
-- Make sure the child's bedroom is safe. Drapery cords
should be cut, dressers secured so they can't topple over
and window guards installed.
-- You may want to install a baby gate in the doorway for a
few weeks, just to be sure your little one doesn't end up
wandering the house at night.

The best approach you can take is a positive attitude.
Remind the child this is something to be gained, not lost.

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