For Better Living, "TRAF" Your Paperwork!

A large part of our time is consumed by attention to
paperwork of various kinds, in both our business and
personal lives. How effectively we deal with all that paper
will influence what we can accomplish in terms of our
personal growth and development.

You might benefit from a review of the TRAF method,
popularized by Stephanie Winston, to manage the constant
onslaught of written material that faces you every day.

This method allow for only four things you can do with any
paper that ends up on your desk:

* Toss it
* Refer it to someone else
* Act on it, or
* File it

Notice that the TRAF method does not include putting the
paperwork aside to address at another time! Typically, most
of us keep more paper around than is advisable. If you have
little or nothing to lose by tossing something, by all
means, get rid of it.

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