Hide & Describe - Ideal Travel Game for Toddlers

Entertaining school-aged children is often as easy as
handing them a video game or their favorite CD. But what
about toddlers and pre-schoolers whose vocabulary or
"gaming" skills are still developing?

A simple game of "hide-and-describe" can be the perfect
solution for those tiny travelers:

-- Before the trip, pack a bag of palm-sized toys or small

-- At dull moments during the trip, select an item and hide
it in one of your hands. Then present your closed hands and
allow the child to guess a hand. If the guess is correct,
you open your palm. If the guess is wrong, you rehide the
item and the game continues.

-- Once the item has been revealed, the child must name or
provide a verbal description of the item. Simple words may
be enough for toddlers, but color and shape questions will
challenge pre-schoolers.

-- After the name and description have been given, the child
can then play with or keep the item.

A hands-on, educational game entertains traveling children,
while providing excellent parent/child interaction.

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