Better Travel By Rail

Rail travel is economical and adventurous, especially in
Europe and many lesser developed countries. To keep your
rail travels right on track, adhere to these guidelines:

-- Double-check your station. While US cities usually offer
only one station, many international cities offer several.
So be sure you're at the right station and allow time for
travel between stations, if necessary.

-- Select your own seat. Generally, you are not required to
stay in your reserved seat unless the train is full. Once
the train is in motion, you're free to choose a location
that is more to your liking.

-- Be prepared for smoking. Outside the U.S., smoking
is more apt to be allowed than prohibited.

-- Research your destination's local spelling. Local and
Americanized spellings and pronunciations can vary
significantly. Learn the local lingo for identifying your

-- Make sure your car goes all the way to your destination.
Some cars are left at intermediate stations. While an
unexpected stop is adventurous, it could create problems
for you.

A little planning will go a long way toward making your
international rail travel as smooth and pleasant as it can
possibly be for you.

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