How To Take Better Travel Videos

After the trip of a lifetime, it's time to relax and relive
the experience by watching the vacation video. But
before you've even made it half way through, you've
had enough. The camera person's bobbing and
weaving and unending out-of- focus pans have left
your head spinning and your stomach churning.

It's time to provide the photographer with the following
video photography strategies:

* Lighting - Aim for either full sun or full-shade shots.
Lighting combinations within the same frame can cause
distortions and poorly lit subjects.

* Focusing - Slow down! Zoom in or out slowly by
counting to five as you change focus. Spend at least
another five to ten seconds on this shot before
switching to something else.

* Panning - Point your feet toward the place where
you will end the pan. Then swivel back to your
starting point, and begin taping as you slowly turn.
When you reach the ever- important end shot, your
body will be in a comfortable, stable position for
a better shot.

With practice and a few easy steps, your next
vacation video will be better than ever!

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