Food Guidelines For Children

* Don't Make Your Child Eat Every Morsel

It's okay if they don't finish everything on their plates.
Let your kids' natural appetite control express itself.
When one of your kids doesn't eat something that you
think he or she should, take a few deep breaths, relax
and consider whether the child really does need to eat
it - or maybe, rather, you should give in and allow your
child to regulate his or her own eating.

* Set Firm Limits

Children crave discipline. It's an integral part of their
development. Kids need limits. But there's no kind
anywhere who NEEDS a bottle of soda pop or a
chocolate candy bar. It's up to you as a parent to set
limits and stick to them with consistency. If your kids
complain, nag, whine, cry, yell and even scream, "I hate
you!" it's all a part of their complex emotional
development. When you set reasonable limits and
consistently enforce them, it helps your children learn
good eating habits and develop self-control.

* Don't Use Food To Become Closer With Your Child

Don't go buy a pint of gourmet ice cream to share
with your child, to have an intimate moment together.
For true intimacy, develop mutual interests. For example,
if you and your daughter both like flowers, spend time
together going to shops and shows, sharing books and
magazines, working together in the garden and so on.

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