Stop the Garage Barrage!

Garages were originally designed for motor vehicles. But all that space is so tempting, isn’t it? Garages tend to become storage space, whether they like it or not! If this is happening in your home, take a look at the underlying reasons. Maybe you pile items inside your garage because you don’t have enough space inside the house. Hint: See our tips on organizing and reducing clutter.

Hopefully, you’ll sell the things that don’t have a place in your life any longer at a garage sale, but if you have leftovers, many nonprofit organizations welcome donated items in good condition; some groups will even come to pick them up. Now that they’re gone, just look at all that useful space! Be smart about how you use it and think before you store anything. Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Why not put tools and related items close to electrical outlets? Store bicycles and sports equipment like tennis rackets and skis away from vehicles, to avoid dents and scratches: the same goes for lawnmowers and yard tools.

If you don’t want to buy same-color, floor-to-ceiling cabinets to fit along your walls, invest in hooks (for walls and ceilings), shelves, drawers and large storage containers from your local home improvement store. Make sure to label containers clearly and put lids on tight to deter insects from moving in.

Being organized can reduce your daily stress level — you’ll discover space you didn’t know you had. And everything really will be in its proper place — easy to find, use and put back again.

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