Allergies Make for Sneezy Bedtime?

Allergen slipcovers shield pillows, mattresses and box springs from dust and microscopic dust mites, which feed on tiny flakes of human skin. A zipper secures the covers onto the bedding, helping prevent mites from making a permanent home within.

Vinyl was the original slipcover material, though it can be uncomfortable on pillows and mattresses. Vinyl slipcovers still make fine coverings for box springs, however. Laminate covers came next, in which cloth was sandwiched onto a flexible urethane barrier. In recent years, microfiber technology was adapted for use in allergen slipcovers.

Both laminate and microfiber covers are washable, but microfiber won’t de-laminate after repeated washing and drying. Both types should be washed and dried regularly for best results. Washing vinyl covers isn't necessary, but they will require regular dusting.

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